We offer a comprehensive product range of flame retardants, additives to increase tackiness (Tackifier) and impact strength (Toughener), flexibilizers, bio-based polyester resins up to complete systems for the composites industry from our long-standing partner SCHILL+SEILACHER, Hamburg, Germany.

POLYDIS® CTBN modified epoxy

POLYDIS® NBR modified epoxy

POLYCAVIT® Elastomer modified epoxy

POLYPHLOX® Flame retardant

POLYVERTEC® Composite systems (resin / hardeners / systems)


An overview about these modifiers for resin formulations can be downloaded from our download section.

Please contact me for more details and samples,

Andreas Scharrer

Technical Sales Director Specialties
Quality Management Representative

HDS-CHEMIE Handels Ges.m.b.H.
Bauernmarkt 24, A-1010 Vienna

Mobile: +43 664 583 2565
Email: ascharrer (a)

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