SPHERILEX (R) in Coatings Applications - A new development from our partner Evonik with unique features to allow the control of a lot of Aspects of your end-product in Coatings

The SPHERILEX® line includes three different products:
Spherilex® DP-111, Spherilex® DP-112, Spherilex® DP-115.

All three are precipitated silica particles with outstanding characteristics

  1. Unique spherical particle morphology

  2. Narrowed particle size distribution

  3. Low surface and porosity --> low oil absorption

As a result, this new range of silica products provides a unique balance of performance benefits.:

  1. Burnish & wet abrasion resistance

  2. Washability and scrub resistance

  3. Gloss reduction

  4. Smooth Surface Profile

Applications: Wall paintings, package printing, floor coatings, printing inks, leather coatings/textile coatings, Sovent-based and waterborne coatings

Please don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need more information or samples, thank you in advance.

Mrs. Gaby Bachmayer
Business Unit Manager ? BU I
Mail: gbachmayer@hds-chemie.at
Phone: +43 (0)664 882 32782

You can download the technical data sheets and a product presentation at our "Download" section.


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